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  • I have used other “popular” language learning software products in the past and they pale in comparison to the quality and depth of [this program]. I particularly like the cultural immersion components. This product rocks!!!
  • I decided to try [this program] because I wanted to learn some Spanish before a trip to Ecuador. I just returned, and the Spanish I learned was not only extremely helpful, it made my trip so much more fun. I really liked the full audio transcripts for the lessons that I could listen to anywhere (like when running, driving), then work on the remaining lesson pieces when I had time. It’s great that the lessons are based on useful situations, and not just piles of random phrases. On my trip I was able to talk to people, order food, understand directions, and flight information. At the airport the attendant asked us about tickets and carry on luggage. She spoke English but I was able to talk with her in Spanish instead. Possibly the best part is that with Rocket Spanish pronunciation practice, people were able to understand me. I’m going to continue with [this program], and keep working on those “rr’s”! We are already planning another trip to Ecuador, and one to Spain. I tried some other programs, and I believe this is the best one you can buy!

Popular Features

Interactive Audio Lessons

Each level of each course has over 60 hours of audio-style lessons. Each lesson has an audio track along with a variety of reinforcement tests to make what you learn “stick”. They are designed so you can learn during your commute to work, or anytime that you are on the go, using your Mac, PC or mobile device with the Android or iOS app.

Language & Culture Lessons

Each level also has over 60 hours of Language & Culture lessons, where you will discover the mechanics of the language, and access audio tracks of 1000’s of common words and phrases. A key fact that has been surprisingly often ‘overlooked’ by some other ‘big name’ companies is that you MUST know the mechanics of how a language works for you to truly master it.

Reinforcement Testing

Each lesson has a variety of tests, and each test has a scientific algorithm designed to reinforce and enhance your recall in a different way. What’s more this all ties into your own personalized progress tracking system, keeping you on the path to mastery!

Voice Recognition

The voice recognition tool lets you to record yourself saying any of the thousands of words and phrases in every course. You’ll gain the benefit of speaking out loud, and be able to improve your pronunciation and accent.

Easy Learning

Each course includes 25 Advanced Learning Technique articles that will give you learning techniques, tips and tricks that will dramatically cut the amount of time you need to study.

Learning Support

You’ll have unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to our team of language teachers, native speakers and fellow language enthusiasts. They will answer all your language questions and be with you every step of the way.

Motivational Tools

From personalized progress tracking to our points and badges system, all of our courses have been designed to include a whole range of activities and features that will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track.

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This company exceeds all other language courses in the following ways:

  • Audio Lessons
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  • Apps
  • Grammar Lessons
  • Culture Lessons
  • Flash Cards
  • Progress Tracking
  • Lifetime Access
  • Once Only Payment
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Upgrades
  • Low Cost per Lesson