High Fashion Vegan Luxury Handbags

Designer Luxury Vegan Handbags are rapidly moving to the forefront in the fashion industry, and GUNAS NEW YORK is leading the industry with a variety of ultra-fashionable Handbags, Totes, Briefcases, Satchels, Cross-Body Bags, Wallets, Backpacks, and Shoes that are 100% free of animal by-products.  These are not your usual leather attaches, or handbags that you see everywhere. These are inspired pieces of art resulting from the Dedication, Passion and Handcraft of the GUNAS designers and artisans.

Luxury Vegan Handbags

What does “Vegan” mean to GUNAS?

Luxury Vegan Handbags

Flamingo Handbag in Passion Pink by GUNAS

To GUNAS the words “Luxury” and “Vegan” are not just words, but instead are gold standards that focus their designers and artisans to produce the highest level of luxury vegan handbags using a variety of animal cruelty-free fabrics including coated canvases, nylons, eco-polyurethane, ultra-leather, ultra-suede and up-cycled polyester.

“Vegan,” to GUNAS, means no silk, no fur, no wool, no down feathers, and no leather. “Luxury,” to GUNAS, mean the highest level quality that money can buy.

“Vegan Luxury,” to GUNAS, means that every detail is attended to:

They incorporate up-cycled upholstery fabrics and vintage materials into their collections and avoid using any PVC and whenever possible . They continuously improve material quality and incorporate cutting edge materials such as cork, rubber, and pinatex into their designs.

Even the hardware is eco-friendly lead and nickel free, the custom logo is made with recycled metals plated with 24 carat gold, the lining fabrics are made from up-cycled cotton canvas or recycled plastic bottles (essentially recycled Polyester), and only YKK zippers re used.

Sustainability & Ethics

Luxury Vegan Handbags GUNAS,  America’s first 100% luxury vegan handbag brand, cares about people just as much as they care about the planet. They manufacture in several countries and work with artisans in the USA, India, South Korea, Mexico, and Italy. They continuously seek out new artisans that spark creativity so they can bring you a diverse range of bags that fit a variety of lifestyles.

All bags are sweatshop-free and each factory has been personally visited and checked for ethical working conditions.

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 Luxury Vegan Handbags

Purses, Handbags and Totes

Luxury Vegan HandbagsLuxury Vegan Handbags

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Clutches and Wallets

Luxury Vegan Handbags

The Rebel Clutch by GUNAS

Luxury Vegan Handbags

Backpacks and Cross-Body Bags

Luxury Vegan Handbags

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Luxury Vegan Handbags

A Note From the Designer and Founder of GUNAS:

Vegan Luxury HandbagsHi there! I’m Sugandh (Sue-gun-d), the designer and artist behind GUNAS. I have been trained as an industrial designer and am dedicated to utilizing my fashion skills and business acumen for a cause very close to my heart. Having grown up in India, a country where cows are worshipped and, ironically, also slaughtered for their meat and skin, I witnessed this cruelty first hand and knew deep within that I had to do something about it someday.

In 2001 I moved to the United States and received my Bachelor in Fine Arts, Industrial design degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. I also hold a Masters in Design Management from the Pratt Institute in New York. While at Pratt, I met a leather handbag designer. We had a long conversation and strongly disagreed over the effects of leather and the attitudes of its users. That’s when I had my big “Aha” moment. This was it! This is what I need to do. The Universe had given me a sign. So, as a part of my thesis I developed a business plan and came up with GUNAS, a 100% animal friendly handbag brand. I was already keeping leather out of my closet and knew there had to be several others that felt the same way.

With the help of family and friends I put all my life savings into building GUNAS from the ground up. The initial days of entrepreneurship were hard and yet enjoyable. I started the company in my one bedroom apartment in Manhattan and recall walking several blocks in the city on a daily basis carrying boxes of fabrics and samples for GUNAS a dream I knew I had to turn into reality. My passion and perseverance never became dull even for a moment. I’ve had to push my comfort zone and really put myself out on the line. But I believe that when you are out to do good, all the forces of the universe will conspire to make things happen in your favor.

Not just a bag…it’s a movement!

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Vegan Luxury Handbags


 High Fashion. Zero Cruelty.

Since its inception in 2009, GUNAS has been serving customers chic and luxurious, animal-friendly bags.

GUNAS is an award winning brand recognized by PETA, The Ethical Fashion Forum, and The Independent Handbag Designers Association and the 2015 Independent Designer Handbag Award winner for Best Green Handbag.

GUNAS has been widely praised within the high fashion and vegan communities, and celebrated by celebrities and animal activist groups. GUNAS is the real deal in the world of vegan high fashion.


Luxury Vegan Handbags

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Luxury Vegan Handbags